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New Interactive eBook Makes Fortune Telling Easy

What Does The Future Hold In Store? Pop Up Meanings Have The Answer

Trier, Germany, 24 February 2009 – Sandy Cristel, a natural healer, psychic and clairvoyant, today announced the release of her Interactive Lenormand Oracle ebook that makes it easier than ever to learn fortune telling with cards. This ebook uniquely combines a tutorial with interactive learning aids and layouts enabling anyone to start reading the cards immediately. It even includes a fully interactive program that allows users to spread their own layout designs with full access to meanings and interpretations.

The Lenormand Oracle is named after Mlle Marie Anne Lenormand, the famous fortune teller of the late 18th century who read cards for the French nobility including Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine.

"The simple, everyday imagery of the Lenormand cards is immediately intuitive, unlike the Tarot's esoteric symbolism," explains Sandy Cristel. "Reading combinations of cards in a layout uncovers the rich tapestry of life – love, money, health, friends and enemies interwoven through the past, present and future. But there are 1260 possible card combinations and that is too much for most people to learn so they resort to flicking backwards and forwards through the pages of reference books. My Interactive Lenormand Oracle makes it so much easier – the meanings for individual cards and combinations simply pop up on the screen when a mouse is hovered over them. Now anyone can read the Oracle."

Sandy Cristel's Interactive Lenormand Oracle has been carefully designed for all levels of user. The casual enquirer who just wants to consult the Oracle can use one of the simpler layouts and receive an automatic interpretation; the student will benefit from the graded tutorials and interactive learning aids leading from individual card meanings to the interpretation of the full 36 card Grand Tableau; and last but not least, the more experienced cartomancers will appreciate being able to print layouts and reports with the click of a mouse and will enjoy spreading their own personal layouts.

Sandy Cristel's Interactive Lenormand Oracle is a Windows PC progam. A free trial can be downloaded from www.lenormand-oracle.com

Sandy Cristel is a 37 year old English traditional witch currently living in Germany. She offers natural healing, divination and Craftwork at her website www.sandycristel.com

A press pack containing screenshots, Sandy Cristel's biography and photograph can be downloaded from

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